An ancient village ruled by both Mewar and Marwar royal dynasties of Rajasthan. Ghanerao is located in close proximity to Kumbhalgarh Fort, Ranakpur Jain temple and Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary. There are many Hindu and Jain temples in and around Ghanerao holding the history of thousands of years.

According to famous historians Ghanerao served as a princely center of 37 villages and many descendants of Dharanashah (Jain Culture). Henceforth, the Ghanerao's prosperous history makes it an amazing location for Village walks, Tribal walks and Cultural walks.

Ghanerao – Kumbhalgarh Trekking

It’s an up /plan hill trek which passes through a good forest cover area. While trekking, we might spot some antelopes and some other wild animals.

While passing through the protected areas, there is a probability that we might spot some Deer and birds of different species.

The trek starts from our point after the breakfast.

As we proceed further, we will come across a small lake, locally known as Thandi Beri.

If we are lucky we might see crocodiles, sunbathing on the walls of the lake.

After crossing the Thandi Beri Lake, we will pass through the tribal (Kharni) Village, which is situated in the sanctuary. This village is home to the Bhil Tribe.

As we proceed further, we reach the forest gate, known as hunting lunge (Choti odi). After that, we reach maudikhat, the area which gives a mesmerizing view of Kumbhalgarh Fort.

From Maudikhat, we will move towards our hotel.

  • Refreshment
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Entrance fee
  • Duration - 4 ½ Hours
Ghanerao Trekking Tour