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The Nature Trail is one of the leading adventure-travel group which is known for offering ground breaking itineraries in Udaipur and nearby areas. We provide best quality of group trekking trips and adventure holidays throughout The City of Lakes and The Aravali Mountain Ranges.

We are widely recognized for our unique tourism initiatives and we offer many exciting stand alone itineraries; cycling and walking tours, group adventures and expeditions, cultural journeys, etc. Each of these itineraries are scheduled throughout the season.

Supported by best in the region and experienced tour guides, we aim to provide a heart and mind changing experience to our adventures.

With our all-inclusive (no hidden/extra pricing) policy we provide long and creative itineraries. We believe in providing best quality of services to our customers and aim to attract those who have high expectations out of their overall travel experiences. We own most of our operational bases hence this helps us in ensuring that we deliver that we promise, rest is served by the nature.

We practice small group style of travel which not only provides better adventures and experiences but also enables us to make sure that our guests stay under the radar and they feel safe. We travel the local way, eat the local way and sleep the local way. We try and make sure that you get a closer and genuine look and experience into to real life as much as possible, that too without actually moving in or altering it. We provide you with the unsurpassed knowledge of a local leader who takes you out of the guidebooks and into a new world you’re waiting to discover. When people plan an adventure trip they try to find something that's just right for them and we make it our responsibility that we exceed your expectations.

We basically operate in the Mewar region of Rajasthan, India. Our primary centres of attraction and touring lies in Udaipur, Ghanerao, Kumbhalgarh, Molela and Ranakpur. These places have abundance of history and are brilliant on the basis of cultural and natural diversities.

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All the locations of Udaipur, Ghanerao, Kumbhalgarh, Molela and Ranakpur have superabundant natural diversities and vivid cultural and traditional believes but somehow all of these places are connected to one and another. It is like a grand puzzle spread all across the magnificent region of Mewar, Rajasthan. That's why it enables us to provide our tourists and adventurists ample destinations to choose from. We offer carefully planned and structured tours. We take care of all your requirements and necessities during the tour.

Now what sets us apart and better than the other touring companies is our itineraries. We have planned our adventure tours in such a way that it covers both the trekking and village/tribal walks in one singular plan.

This helps the tourist or the adventurer to interact with the subjects at a more deeper, intellectual and profound level.

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Cycling Tours

As per the Travel & Living, US, if you are on holiday at a place which you know nothing about then the best way to explore that place is by renting a bicycle and start wandering.

We, at Nature Trail, also believe it to be almost the best way to explore any city. But if you are in a place like India we would not recommend you to do that alone. Instead we will advise you to be the part of the a cycling group. That will be a much wiser and fast way to explore the place.

And that is why we offer you cycling tours in Udaipur and its nearby country sides. The best part about Udaipur is its Geographical Diversity. The Location of the city is very beneficial and it provides great opportunities and possibilities to plan a lot of activities here. Cycling is a great option not only to explore the heart of the city but also to explore the outskirts. In Udaipur, in fact anywhere in India, one can experience the diversities, the urban and the rural life just in about 20 kilometre radius of a city.

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cooking tourism in udaipur

Cooking Demo

Duration: 3-4 hours.

Destination: Badi-village (6 km. far from Udaipur city).

Here, around village you will be welcomed by the family in a traditional way. Welcome drink will be served to you by the family. It will be an experience of authentic hospitality. After that we will start with the cooking demonstration, and you will get the experience of cooking original veg.-food. Here you can try the cooking in the proper guidance of a family member. After completing the cooking process, it is the time to enjoy the food. It would be a great experience for you to know that how these people work all in their daily life. Still people live in joint family and they live, cook and eat just under the same roof.


Pick up by representative from hotel

Welcomed by the family

Welcome drinks

Enjoy delicious veg. food

Cost (Per Person)


Mineral water, soft drinks.

Cooking demo, dinner,

All taxes and service charges.

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Village Walk

"Kos kos pe badle Paani, chaar kos pe Vaani !"

Which means, here in India, the taste and other characteristics of water changes just between a single mile distance. And with every four miles distance you can observe change in the local languages.

It is an old and popular saying to define the diversities among rich cultures of India, that too within very short distances. Rajasthan is a state where this old proverb is truly applicable. So if you want to explore this huge and diversified culture what is the best way to do that other than a Village and Tribal Walk.

We here at Nature Trail offer our tourists and adventurists an opportunity to be a part of this culture and provide them a closer look into Rajasthan's vivid cultures and traditions. We provide you with a carefully planned and interestingly carried out Village and Tribal Walk where you get a chance to blend in with the local village and tribal cultures of Rajasthan, where you can interact with the villagers, visit their homes, try out their local food and learn to prepare it, observe and learn a few farming tips, play games and have fun with village children, etc.

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